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Toy Companies

All About Old Toys has compiled comprehensive lists of toys from many important makers - over 300 to date.

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Contributions to these lists are welcomed. 

All Fair    American Pre-School    Bliss    Brice    Brio    Buck-A-Roo    Buddy L    Bumpa     Bucherer

Cameo Doll Co.    Cass    Chad Valley    J. Chein    Converse    Crandell    Dolly Toys    The Embossing Co.    Fisher Price

Fulton Toys    Fun-E-Flex    General Toys    German     Gibbs Toys    Gluck    Gong Bell    Go-Toys    Gropper

Halsam    N N Hill Brass    Hollywood    Hyker    Kohner    Holgate    Hubley    Hustler Toys

International    Japanese    Jaymar    Keystone    Lincoln Logs    Marx    Mengel    Metal Toys    Newton Thompson

Nifty    Noma    Performo Toys    Pull-Apart Circus    Reed    Rich Toys    Scarey Anns    A. Schoenhut

S.A. Smith    Steiff    Strauss    StromBecker    Ted Toy-lers    Tillicum    Towner Toys    Toy Kraft    Toy Tinkers

Trixy Toy    Twistums    United Toy    Wilson Walkers    Wolverine    Wyandotte    Other Toy Makers    Unknown Tin

Unknown Wood    European

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