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United Toy Manufacturers of St. Louis, Missouri started making toys in 1919 according to one of their catalogs. In the early 1920s, the company claimed to be the world's fastest growing toy maker, but by 1926 they were not advertising in major toy publications so may have been out of business. They made a line of wooden riding toys, wagons, shooflies, pull toys, and whirl-a-gig toys. They made the then famous Walk-O-Toy line.

The following illustrations are taken from a 1920s catalog:

Auto Racer - 20 inches long

Auto Car - 10 inches long

Auto Truck - 20 inches long

Walk-O-Hobby Horse - 33 inches long

Walk-O-Shoofly - 32 inches long.

Two-Way Street Car - 18 inches long. Push it on floor and 
it will come back.

Swan Tandem - 35 inches long, 22 inches high

Teeter-Totter - 28 inches long

The Whirl-A-Gig Clowns - 21 1/2 inches high

The Whirl-A-Gig Clown - 16 inches high


The Alphabet Athletes - 21 inches long