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Amriswil and Cie Bucherer


Amriswil and Cie Bucherer doll company of Amriswil Switzerland made metal jointed dolls in the 1920s and possibly earlier. Their dolls are between 6 and almost 10 inches tall. Their metal joinery is of high quality that reminds one of Swiss watches. The bodies are composition and the costumes cloth and felt. Many characters of that time are depicted including Mutt and Jeff shown below, clowns, film stars, people in costume, and firemen and policemen.
These dolls were marketed under the name "SABA" dolls. This is an acronym for Speilwarenfabrik August Burcherer Amriswil meaning August Bucherer's Amriswil, Switzerland toy factory. The SABA name is seen on their boxes.

We have been given permission from Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions to show Bucherer dolls from one of their auctions.

Also, Susana from DaisySusanCo, Argentina, has provided us with pictures of her wonderful collection.

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Mr. Jeff

Mr. Mutt

Bucherer's Mutt and Jeff

Photos by Jim Sneed from the collection of CC