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The Embossing Company

The Embossing Company has a long history in the toy business. Established in 1870 in Albany, New York by famous plastics investor John Wesley Hyatt and his brothers Charles and Isaiah, it continued well into the late 1900s and may still be in business. John Wesley Hyatt is famous for inventing the celluloid billiard ball which replaced the ivory ball common in the 1800s. His materials were used in early versions of The Embossing Company's dominos and checkers pieces. In the late 1900s, the company imported toys lines such as Meccanno from Europe.

"Toys That Teach" was their motto. Checkers, dominos, architectural and ABC blocks made up the majority to the company's toy and game production.


TrainDominos.jpg (493061 bytes) The Embossing Company made dominos. This set is likely an early one judging from the style of the train.
This photo is courtesy of Carrie Dominick.

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EmbossingAd1926.jpg (186667 bytes) This ad from Dec 1926
"Toys and Novelties"
magazine shows the
company's product line.
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Here are a few photos of Embossing Company toys. 
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This version probably produced between 1945 and 1955

photos courtesy of Don Milne

Architectural set from 1913.
Photos courtesy of Mike Dufresne.


Blocks1.jpg (71866 bytes)

Blocks2.jpg (81844 bytes)

BoxedSet1915.jpg (27913 bytes) Boxed set from 1915.
Building and Design set. BuildingandDesigningSet.jpg (29347 bytes)
BlocksBlocks.jpg (26081 bytes) Animal Blocks
Flapper Fortunes FlapperFortunes2.jpg (19280 bytes)
BloxSpin.jpg (43723 bytes) Blox Spin
Alphabet Blocks Blocks.jpg (14648 bytes)

Makes paper characters
probably ca 1920s.

Photos courtesy of Stu Neyland

Christmas Blocks

Photo courtesy of Sandra Bartlow

Embossing Co Transit Set
c. 1935
4"L x 2.5"H x 2.9"W
$45 - $60
Stabuilt Blocks
$40 - $60
Color Cubes No. 44
c. 1930
10.5"L x 10"W
the_em1.jpg (94047 bytes)