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Morton E. Converse Co.

Morton E. Converse started his business career manufacturing acids in Converseville, New Hampshire . In 1873 he purchased a nearby mill to make wooden products. Apparently he started making toys there but soon teamed with Orland Mason of Winchendon, Massachusetts to form the Mason & Converse Company which lasted until 1883. Converse then partnered  with his uncle Alfred C. Converse and Converse Toy and Woodenware Company was formed. In 1887, the company changed its name to Morton E. Converse & Company. This company remained in business until 1934.

Converse made a great variety of toys including Noah's Arks, doll furniture, kiddie riding racers, hobby horses, floor whirligigs, drums, wagon blocks, building blocks, pianos, trunks, ten pins, farms houses, and musical roller chimes.

Such a large number of toys were made in Winchendon, Massachusetts that it became known as "Toy-Town".

Converse Barn with its animals. As these old wood toys age, they take
 on a beautiful patina.

Photo by Jim Sneed from the
Strong National Museum of Play collection

The Dreadnought Indiana