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Selling Services

If you have old wooden toys similar to those shown in this Web site that you want to sell, we can help. Contact me by email about your interest to sell. Please include photos of your toys if you can. You can mail or email your photos. Email me for a mailing address. Any old wooden toy is acceptable - pull toys, crib toys, Schoenhut circus, construction sets, and others. Toys should be in excellent or better condition but need not be complete - collectors need parts! Contact

The nice reduced size circus at left sold for over $800. These pieces had been in storage in England for over 70 years and were covered with soot when I received them. 


I can restore your old wooden toy to be ready for display or for the market. Simple restringing will usually run $10-15. Turn-around is normally 2-3 days. Contact me for estimates.

Services I can provide:

1. Buy your collection outright.

2. Find a collector or dealer who may be interested in purchasing your toys.

3. Photograph and submit your toys to EBAY for auction. You ship me the toys, I photograph them, write descriptions, answer questions, receive and distribute monies realized.

The main reason that many nice toys fail to get what they should on EBAY is due to poor photographic presentations of the toys. When I list a toy on EBAY, I include 2-5 very high quality photos. I use my own system - not the poor photo services I so often see on EBAY auctions.

Let me know how I can help.

Contact me at: