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Need help selling your old wooden toy collection? Found some old wood toys in Grandmother's attic? Here is how we can help.

 * Dealers can open their Antique Toy shop on this site. This site gets over 24,000 hits a month. We place in the top five of most  antique toy searches on Google and other search engines. Try doing a Google search for your toys and see where All About Old Toys or Judy's Old Wood Toys (our old name) ranks. 

Looking for help researching your toys? Click here.

* Looking for more good antique toy Web sites? Click here.

* We buy collections, especially the Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus. E-mail:   JLSNEED2@BELLSOUTH.NET

Note: I cannot identify toys from your phone descriptions -
you will need to email me pictures.


We do restorations and reconditioning. Click here

Restringing is normally $12-16 depending on the complexity of the piece. Turn-around time is usually 2-3 days.

We can sell your old toy collection. We specialize in wooden toys made prior to 1950. Our normal service fee is 15% of the sales price.  We handle the photography, listing description, buyer questions, and shipping. Your toys are put on one of our shop pages. Normally, we expect to sell out a collection in 6-12 months. We send you payment as we sell. First sales sometimes happen within the first week of listing. Contact me for more details.


This rare Schoenhut tiger arrived in pieces, missing his ears, and with a rough neck ball.

The finished tiger

Mickey needed a right hand.

So I made him one.

Toy Evaluations

We are often contacted by those who want to know something about their toy and its value. Sometimes we can help. Most people are looking to sell and want a fair evaluation.  We don't do appraisals but we can sometimes give you a range of values for your toy if you will e-mail us photos. We do make offers on certain old wooden toys, especially the Humpty Dumpty Circus. We often connect sellers with buyers.

See us before putting your collection to auction.

We might be able to direct you to the best auction house or to offer you our selling services. Typically, auction houses will return to you about 67% of their wholesale auction price.  If you consign to us, we return about 85% of a higher, retail price. Also, we make fair offers for collections in any condition.  We buy parts pieces if salvageable pieces are in excellent condition.