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I answer all inquires that include an email address and a good subject description related to toys. I don't open email with a vague or no subject description. Often I don't know the answer to your question but I may be able to refer you to someone who does know.

If you want information about a toy you have, please email me photos. It is almost impossible to identify a toy from a description.

I don't do appraisals. On some toys, however, I can give you a range of prices that I have seen for toys of the same type and in similar condition but I cannot give a value specifically for your toy. I watch EBAY auctions constantly and have various price guides that I refer to.

I do buy certain wooden toys and can arrange sales for others. Generally, they need to be primarily wooden toys made prior to 1950 and they must be in very good or better condition. I also buy incomplete toys, that are in very good or better condition otherwise, for parts. See selling services.

If you want photos, try to describe what you want or refer to photos on my Web pages. I can email you hi resolution versions of the photos for you to print at your end. If you want me to print and mail you photos, I will need reimbursements for my costs. If you want photos for commercial purposes, contact me and we can work it out. I have furnished photos for many toy books.

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