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Contact me at   or    717-397-7180  for more information about purchasing any of the items on this page. Tell me you saw the item on All About Old Toys. Remember to give me your email address or phone number.

If you're in the Lancaster, PA, area and would like to see my inventory, give me a call.


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I am always eager to buy one piece or an entire collection of fine Schoenhut circus and Teddy Roosevelt Adventures in Africa toys - contact me for an offer. Please have good photos of your collection available.


Style Guides and Articles
Jim Sneed and I have written a number of articles on the Humpty Dumpty circus.
 We also have a style guide and a photo gallery. The style guide will help you identify your pieces. 
The photo gallery is a collection of fun photographs of Humpty Dumpty circuses. 
We have articles on the history of the H-D circus and how it related to the real circuses of the time. 
Read these articles by clicking here:

    Humpty Dumpty Circus Style Guide

    Humpty Dumpty Circus Articles


For Sale

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A-1 Folk Art Circus, crafted in wood and hand-painted,  some parts made of fabric, and some figures dressed in elegant costumes.  There are 13 in all:  2 monkeys, 1 dog, 2 lady performers, I male  performer, 2 clowns, 2 elephants, I fancy Palomino horse, 1 large black platform horse, and 1 bear.  The figures average from 8 1/2   to 9 1/2 high.  The faces are painted with very fine, precise strokes, an  interesting  contrast to the simple forms of the animals and people.  Probably early 19th c.   Charming and unique.  $1850

A-2 Mary and the Lamb set Early "pretty face" Mary with her desk, very rare spelling book, and painted-eye lamb. All aspects and accessories are original. Mary's costume is colored with age but complete. A slight tear on the back of her skirt. A wonderful set. Very good to excellent condition. Lamb, desk, and book have sold, Mary is $550    
A-3 Horse, leather hide, about 15 inches tall, vg condition


Horse103Body.jpg (101529 bytes) Horse103Head.jpg (75645 bytes)      
CRANDALL'S DISTRICT SCHOOL.  1870.  Few American toys are as charming and playful as this early classic.   This one is complete with 11 Scholars and the Schoolmaster with his desk.  The paint is excellent throughout.  The accessories are all there with the following replacements:  the lamb, the dunce stool, 8 of the books, and some of the stands.  The Schoolmaster's legs have been repaired also.  (See photo)  $775

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cranboy.JPG (57379 bytes)cranmary.JPG (54426 bytes)cranlegs.JPG (59524 bytes)Crangr.JPG (60381 bytes)crancu.JPG (60333 bytes)

U.S. Patent Model
  19thc. model of the spring-form rocking horse that Jesse Crandall patented in 1861.  Copies of the original patent description and the accompanying picture are included too. The wood is painted and decorated around the base, giving the piece a folky look.  The label retains the original "red tape."  13 1/2 "long x 7" high.  



Crandall Patent.jpg (134341 bytes)

Crandall text 001.jpg (622516 bytes)

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PatL.JPG (57902 bytes)PatR.JPG (59389 bytes)Patcu.JPG (53751 bytes)PatB.JPG (57638 bytes)Patlabel.JPG (67496 bytes)


AndyConverseRockingHorseR800.jpg (450263 bytes)
This is an example of a full size, Crandall rocking horse
 that used the patented spring mechanism.

A-6 Man and Wife, carved from wood, 7 inches tall, 1940s perhaps, excellent condition $275 ManWife122.jpg (35662 bytes)        
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WIND-UP RABBIT.  1940's.  A white fur rabbit with celluloid maracas and hilarious actions.  He moves back and forth with his hind legs and tail, plays the maracas with his front legs, while his ears are flopping up and down.  Excellent condition.  $275

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rabbitB.JPG (27200 bytes)rabbitR.JPG (30687 bytes)rabbitL.JPG (27463 bytes)rabbitcu.JPG (40110 bytes)

"Jolly Jigger "   Schoenhut's  Jigger toy, which they called the "Dude," is a charming piece of Americana.  He's in original condition and has a beautiful face.  A fun toy that you can actually play with, he can be "made to dance very realistic to time and produce the most difficult steps." ( as per their catalogue)  The figure is 12" high, the platform is 21" long x 6" wide.  $2000
JollySept1.jpg (75994 bytes) JollySept2.jpg (56579 bytes) JollySept3.jpg (45227 bytes) JollySept4.jpg (76050 bytes)