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German Wooden Toys

The Christian Hacker toy company. Click here to read about the great early German toy company.


This photo album contains a collection of fine German toys of the late 19th century. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge
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Room displays of grocery stores, hardware store, and school rooms were common themes for German toys. This is a fine schoolroom with desks in a row, and  This schoolroom consists of many little china-headed dolls - 5 students and a teacher.
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This is a Bavarian scene musical toy. This is a beautiful toy! Prior to WWI, most dolls sold in America came from France or Germany. Most were similar to this one - a china doll in her original dress.


Beautiful German 19th century toy shop.

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Photos courtesy of Zacke Auktionen & Galerie GmbH.
  Alexander Zacke,  Wallnerstrasse 4,  A-1010 Wien
  Austria,  Europe