Christian Hacker

by Swantje Köhler

Christian Hacker

The Christian Hacker factory was founded in Nuremberg in 1835 and, over the years, made varieties of wooden toys such as: stables, guard houses, dollhouses, rooms, kitchens, shops, warehouses, castles, cars, trains  and many others. The toys were very high quality and very expensive. The company twice won medals in Paris at the Great Exhibition. Often their toys are marked with the Hacker label which was stamped or glued on the toy. The company closed in 1927 after the economy went down in Germany during the 1920s.

All pictures are from the book: Christian Hacker. Wooden Toy Company in Nuremberg 1835 -1927, München 2009 , by Swantje Köhler.

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Christian Hacker toy castle from about 1910 (Collection Arnold Müller)

Christian Hacker toy shop. The same model is shown in the catalogue of the American toy dealer Stirn in 1893. (Antik Toy Store)

Guard House shown in the photo catalogue of the 1920s given to the Nuremberg Toy Museum from the last Hacker company owner (Nuremberg Toy Museum)

A wooden trolley car shown in the same Christian Hacker catalogue as the guard house (Nuremberg Toy Museum)

A fabulous Christian Hacker Dollhouse in American Queen-Anne-Style (Collection Anne Timpson)

A small Christian Hacker warehouse from the 1880s (Collection Marilyn Pittman)

A page from a Christian Hacker Price list from about 1900 totally reprinted in the book (Nuremberg Toy Museum)

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