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Unknown Dog
Wood Toys

by Richard Mueller Jr.

Unknown Wood Dogs

Dog with Red Basket
16.25"L x 9"H x 5.5"W

Photo with Unknown Toy

Dog Clown Spin Toy
c. 1960
9.5"L x 6.1"H x 3.1"W
$30 - $40

Estimated 1955
6.25"L x 6.25"H x 2.75"W
$15 - $20

Walking Dog
11.25"L x 7.75"H x 3.5"W

16"L x 5"H x 4.25"W

Scottish Terrier

Bendable Dog


Pink Dachshund
9"L x 3.25"H x 1.5"W

Pluto Cart with Blocks
Estimated 1970
12.3"L x 3.9"H x 8.4"W
$30 - $40