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Humpty Dumpty Circus
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Pennsylvania Collection

Pennsylvania Collection Clowns

The following very fine and rare early Humpty Dumpty circus pieces are from a Pennsylvanian collection

This page updated Saturday, March 16, 2019

Listed are over 150 additional actors, animals, and accessories from this collection. Click on the links above to view these great Humpty Dumpty circus pieces.

Postage via insured Priority mail within the 48 contiguous states is included in price unless otherwise indicated. Will quote a final discounted price with shipping for purchase of more than one piece. I will quote shipping outside of the USA. We have customers in Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. Money back if not satisfied.   

How to Buy
If you are interested in purchasing any item in this shop, contact Jim at: and tell me what you are interested in. 

I can take payments through:

or checks.

I will quote shipping outside of the USA to almost any country.

All pieces carry a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Schoenhut doll and circus pieces - restringing and re-springing. From $12. Will also do other, similar toys such as Cameo and Jaymar. We can do some minor repairs and touchups. Can also make or replace some missing parts. Contact me for details and quotes.

Email Jim: 

Attention:  I will be adding more pieces from this collection over the next several weeks.  There will be regular and reduced size, glass and painted eyes, tents and accessories - something for everyone.
Item number

(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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CAY-1 TPH Hobo - the hobo is a character clown. Great face with blush on his cheeks and nose. Complete and all original. A few holes at the lower back of his jacket (he is a hobo after all). Unusual shirt pattern. $410   126
CAY-2 TPH Clown - very rare and desirable clown style with hat tilted to his left. Also rare are his articulated elbows.  His suit has strong colors, in the Harlequin pattern with 4 colors. Sold   140
CAY-3 TPH Clown - in spades and hearts and clubs suit. Suit has strong colors - no tears or holes. Nice face. $385   136
CAY-4 OPH Clown - complete and all original clown from ca 1920s. A little paint loss to face. Suit material strong - no holes or tears that I can see. $250   145
CAY-5 Earless Clown - very early clown style ca 1905. Complete and all original. Suit has strong colors. Still retains his Dresden paper footprint (we don't know what it is supposed to be). One shoe has small piece missing - see far right photo. Very desirable clown. Sold 144

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CAY-6 TPH Clown - suit colors strong but oxidized. A couple of holes at lower back. Nice face. Complete and all original -  $220   146
CAY-7 TPH Clown - Harlequin, 4-color suit. Suit colors are strong. No holes that I can see. Great face. Paint loss around neck (see pictures). Complete and all original -  $220


CAY-8 OPH Clown - wears 4-panel silk suit. Suit colors good - blue panel faded. Unusual yellow and red overcast stitching. Some paint chipping to face. Cloth over cone hat. Complete and all original - ca 1920s  Sold  


GAY-9 TPH Clown - style with cloth hat over cone. Nice cards and hearts and clubs suit. Complete and all original. Needs restringing to stand well. $300   172
CAY-10 Delavan clowns - all in nice condition. All need restringing. Your choice $45 each. on hold     218-220

Red one sold

CAY-11 Delavan clowns - all in nice condition. All need restringing. Your choice $45 each.     221-224
CAY-12 OPH Clown - complete and all original. Small areas of paint loss around the head. ca 1920s $225   204
CAY-13 TPH Clown - very nice 5 color Harlequin suit. No holes. Head missing right ear which can be replaced (see me) and inside of mouth has been over painted for some reason.  Sold 147
CAY-14 TPH Hobo - an early one. Nice face. His right ear has lost most of its paint. Complete and all original. $350   191
CAY-15 Earless Clown - very early style clown having no ears but red "hair tuffs". These tuffs are usually missing. Complete and all original. Early star pattern ruff. Four panel suit with pretty strong colors and just a couple of very small thin spots. These come along rarely. Sold 140



CAY-16 TPH Clown - early clown ca 1910. Sun burst suit. All colors are distinct. Small nose chip. Needs restringing. $330   137
CAY-17 TPH Clown - complete and all original. Very nice suit. Face nice but a little blotchy. $265   213
CAY-18 TPH Clown - sun burst suit with strong colors. Some paint touchup in red areas of face. $250   207
CAY-19 TPH Clown - 4-panel suit. Suit colors still pretty good. Complete and all original. $375   141
CAY-20 TPH Clown - suit has strong colors. Complete and all original. $350   134
CAY-21 Earless TPH Clown - early clown. Some fabric breakdown. $260   138
CAY-22 Earless TPH Clown - early clown. Green panel badly faded and some discoloration. $325   133
CAY-23 Early TPH clown - white suit with red pompons. Complete and all original. Most of the pompons are there - usually missing completely. Great face. Very small repair to heal of one shoe. $350   132
CAY-24 TPH Silk Suit Clown - complete and all original. Needs restringing. Suit in very good shape, colors still pretty good. $290   205
CAY-25 TPH Clown - complete and all original. Needs restringing. Strong suit colors. $280   143
CAY-26 TPH Clown - later style, complete and all original. Cards suit in nice condition. $200   142
CAY-27 Lady Rider - bisque head. Beautiful suit. Head needs a cleaning. $320   187
CAY-28 Early earless clown - faded suit. Partial Dresden paper. Nice face. $120   149
CAY-29 Early clown - suit somewhat faded but otherwise complete. Nice face. $160   178
CAY-30 OPH Clown - paint loss at back of head. Right ear missing. $230