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Amriswil and Cie Bucherer

Theriault's Auction 2012

On Sunday, July 22, 2012, Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions sold a great collection of Bucherer figures from the Spielzeug Museum of Davos, Switzerland.  Theriault's has granted us permission to show below some of their auction catalog pictures from this auction.

Mutt and Jeff Cartoon Characters


Maggie and Jiggs Cartoon Characters

Costume color combinations on these and other characters can vary.

A Cowboy Figure

Two Middle Eastern Figures


People in Costumes



Airplane Pilot

This picture shows the internal structure of the Bucherer figures.


Silent Film Celebrities

Since the dolls were made in the 1920s, many figures show the dress style of that time.

Cartoon Characters

1920s Style Lady with Circus Clown


Regular Fellers

Jimmie Dugan, Aggie, and Puddin'head

Most Bucherer characters were designed for export, mainly to America.


The Great Bucherer Giraffe

A Circus Character at left, an unknown character, and a cowboy


Bucherer Clowns

Bucherer Character on Bycycle

The Fabulous Bucherer Fire Truck with Eight Firemen