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Punch and Judy Set 1

The Punch and Judy puppet show has been performed in its current style for about 200 years. The show features Punch and a cast of characters. The show is designed to be performed by a single puppeteer so only two characters can appear on the stage at one time. Punch is almost always on the stage in the puppeteer's right hand and the antagonist character appears in the left hand.
Punch and Judy Set CA 1870s.
Punch - this is the main character of the Punch and Judy show. He is both a comical and a horrible person. In most plays he kills his baby by throwing her from the theater into the audience. His voice is characteristically raspy and high pitched. Puppeteers must practice his voice for a long time. Judy - she is Punch's unfortunate wife. Punch fights with Judy usually with a bat. Judy fights back.
Theater - Punch and Judy puppet sets were, and still are produced as children's playthings. This set was produced in Germany, probably around 1900.  Each character is hand carved from wood and hand painted. Puppet Set - This is a large sized set. Puppets are about 20 inches high. While this set has 11 puppets, there are more than 30 different Punch and Judy characters that have been used in shows over the years.
Baby - Punch and Judy's child. Punch kills baby and is condemned to death for it. Toby - Punch's dog in some stories but Scaramouch's dog in others.
Policeman - Punch is arrested by the policeman for killing baby or in some stories, his neighbor. Punch is not a nice guy! Baldheaded Man - one of Punch's neighbors.
Monkey - I haven't found the role of the monkey yet. Hangman - Jack Ketch - most puppet sets come with a coffin and a hangman's scaffolding. Punch is taken to the hangman for killing baby but tricks the hangman into hanging himself.
King - in some stories, Punch sings praises to the King and Queen to gain favor so he will be saved from the hangman. Punch and Judy shows are popular in England. Jim Crow - introduced in the later part of the 19th century, the Jim Crow character is supposed to be a comical character like the clown. 
Priest - the neighborhood priest tries to reason with Punch but to no avail.