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The Ohio Collection

from the collection of a prominent Humpty Dumpty circus collector

The following Humpty Dumpty circus pieces are from a long-time collector who resides in Ohio.  The pieces are of high quality with some very rare pieces to common ones. There is something for everyone so take a look.

Postage via insured Priority mail within the 48 contiguous states is included in price unless otherwise indicated. Will quote a final discounted price with shipping for purchase of more than one piece. I will quote shipping outside of the USA. We have customers in Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. Money back if not satisfied.   

How to Buy
If you are interested in purchasing any item in this shop, contact Jim at: and tell me what you are interested in. 

I can take payments through:

or checks.

I will quote shipping outside of the USA to almost any country.

All pieces carry a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Item number

(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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GM-1b GE Arabian Camel - complete and all original. Beautiful camel for your Teddy Roosevelt or circus displays. $490 Sold
GM-1c GE Donkey - conplete and all original. Very pretty example. Early style $130 Sold
GM-1 Reproduction Native Drum - for Teddy Roosevelt drummer. $100         
GM-3 No item        
GM-4 Early TPH Hobo -  very nice example. Complete and all original.$550        
GM-5 Reduced Size Negro Dude - complete and all original. $350         
GM-6 Early TPH Hobo - very good example. Complete and all original. $550 Sold        
GM-7 No item        
GM-8 GE Buffalo with Furry Mane - probably the first buffalo style. This example is one of the finest available. Still retains most of his fur.Ears are replaced, otherwise, complete and all original. $450 Sold

GM-1a GE Brown Horse - complete and all original.  These are very hard to find in this condition mainly because the leather is very thin. Sold
GM-2 GE Buffalo - complete and all original. Rarest buffalo style. This one very cute. $750  Sold