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Wooden Crayon Holders
by Richard Mueller
photos by Tinah Kippes

I have been collecting children’s wooden toys for almost 20 years.  I especially like American toys made between 1920-1940.  In 2002, I was at a toy show and it was love at first sight.  In front of me was a colorful collection of children's wooden crayon holders that the children would take to school.  These crayon holders would often only hold 5-10 crayons.  Each crayon holder was hand painted so that I found that no two crayon holders were exactly alike.  This collection continues to grow.  They now total 70+ and I have them proudly displayed in my Toy Room.  I keep adding to this collection when I find a version I do not already have.   Richard Mueller email: cell:231-675-3189


These dog crayon holders still have their Mfg. tag.  Here are the tags for the 3 dogs above.