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The Iowa Collection


This is a small collection of very fine pieces. Take a look.

Scroll down to view the very cute Schoenhut Pinn dolls for sale.

This page updated: Sunday September 19, 2021

Humpty Dumpty Circus
SL-1 DE Zebra - beautiful condition zebra with decal eyes (DE) so one of the last produced. Complete and all original. Very cute $ 330  $260 Sold
SL-2 GE White Horse - this is no ordinary White Horse. Most have cotton string tails but this one has the rare and early wool tail. Paint has a beautiful golden tone. Platform has an early rickrack around it. I may never get another of these. Sold


SL-3 Pedestal - later production. Nice $30  $25      
SL-4 OPH Ringmaster - complete and all original except missing his bow tie. Very pretty condition $230  $205  
SL-5 Reduced size Hippo - hard to find animal. Can be used as a baby for your regular one. Excellent condition except left eye slightly damaged (see pictures) $400  $310

PE Tiger - a really nice example of these pretty animals. Complete and all original. Sold


OPH Lion Tamer - very handsome fellow. Complete and all original. All yellow braiding is still there. Sold with whip.

SL-8 GE Giraffe - complete and all original. Pint has light scratchy paint loss all over but still strong colors. Sold
SL-9 GE Tiger - very nice one. Complete and all original. Paint is excellent. Sold
SL-10 GE Donkey - complete and all original. Paint is excellent. $125  $90
SL-11 GE Bear - complete and all original. Sold
SL-12 GE Elephant - excellent, complete and all original condition. $275  $200 Sold

Delavan set - ca 1950. Two clowns in nice shape along with their box, chair, ladder and brochure. Would make a nice display. $150  $130 Sold


Pinn Dolls

Click to see large image from O. Schoenhut catalog.

History - Pinn dolls are clothespin style dolls designed by Emily Winifred Trigg Myers. Emily teamed with A. Schoenhut then O. Schoenhut around 1936 to produce these dolls. Later in the 1930s, O. Schoenhut stopped making them and Emily started making them in Minnesota under both the Wood Craft Studios name and her name.
SL-14 Hattie - nice condition. Schoenhut made. Could benefit from a restringing. 12 1/2 inches tall One foot split and repaired. $75  $55  
SL-15 Hattie and Ty - in original box. Manufactured by Wood Craft Studios. Both dolls are excellent. $200  $150

Hattie - Wood Craft Studios made. In excellent condition. $65  $50


Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger image.


Harry Pinn - marked "copyright 1935 , St. Paul, Minn. Some hair loss. $70  $55

SL-18 No item      

Harry - Wood Craft Studios made. In excellent condition. $55


Beauty - Emily T. Myers version. Nice condition. $120  $100


Clo - Wood Craft made. Very nice. $70  $55


Clo - Schoenhut made. Girl Scout dress is slightly faded. Could use a restringing. $85  $60


Beauty - Wood Craft made. Nice condition. $45  $38


Baby - nice condition. No markings. $35  $25


Ty - Wood Craft Studios made. Very nice condition. $50  $40