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SABA Figures List

This list of SABA figures is taken from both a Bucherer Co. sales catalog, collections, and auction sales.
Bucherer No. Figure Name Description
1001 Undresses Saba Figure Male figure with no dress
1004 Clown Wears tails and vest
1006 Charley Chaplan Has a cane
1008 Cossack  
1010 Man  
1042 Dutch Lady Wears Dutch-style hat, apron
1063 Happy Hooligan  
1065 Pinocchio  
1066 Mr. Peter Rabbit  
1067 Mrs. Peter Rabbit  
1071 Bécassine  
1072 Jimmie Dugan  
1073 Jimmie Dugan With hat
1074 Puddin'head  
1075 Puddin'head With hat
1076 Aggie  
1077 Aggie With hat
1080 Seaman  
1081 Captain Katzenjammer  
1082 Mrs. Captain Katzenjammer  
1083 Hans Katzenjammer kid
  Fritz Katzenjammer kid
1087 Peter Vimmelskaft  
1088 Ping  
1091 Jiggs Has a fancy walking stick
1092 Maggie  
1093 White Face Clown Has top hat
1094 Black Face Clown Wears striped pants and jacket
1095 White Face Clown Similar to 1093 but dresses in cross striped pants
1101 Soccer Player Light colored shorts
1102 Soccer Player Dark shorts
1111 Laatsch***  
1112 Bommel  
1113 Benjamin Pampe  
1114 Professor Peehmann  
1123 Man  
1130 Man Wears Alpine costume
1141 Fireman  
1146 Man  
1169 Man Appears to be in a horse riding outfit
1157 Soldier ??  
1163 Sailor in Blue  
1164 Police Officer  
1153 Chauffer  
1136 Police Officer in Helmut  
1150 Officer  
1155 Baker  
1156 Lady Cropped hair, striped dress, apron
1158 British Guard  
1159 Sailor in Whites  
1160 Lady Flapper style
1165 Bald man Possibly a performer of the day
1166 Man Possibly a performer - mustache, checkered pants
1173 Lady Wears long overcoat, no hat, cropped hair
1401 Giraffe  
  Lady in costume Various girls dressed in provincial costumes
  Man in costume Various man dressed in provincial costumes
  Moor Rug included
  William Hart Hollywood cowboy
  Amelia Earhart Airplane propeller included