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Bonnie Barn Toy Company

During World War II, almost all metals were held from toy manufacturers since they were critical to the war effort. Wood was just about the only medium available for toy making. At this time, Henry and Jane Schlosser, in 1943, started their Bonnie Barn Toy Co. in Roslyn, New York. Henry was a German immigrant who had been detained by US authorities for about 9 months at the entry of the United States into the war. Henry and Jane's wartime romance is told in the book "Love Stories of World War II" by Larry King. I met with Jane Schlosser in June of 2002 at her antique toy shop, Toys of Another Day, in the Stoudtburg Village in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. She has had a life long interest in toys that goes back to her days with her husband and the Bonnie Barn Toy Company. There, in her shop in Stoudtburg Village, was her personal collection of Bonnie Barn toys. I photographed many of the very simple but beautiful and artistically done wooden horses, jumping jacks, circus performers, and other characters. They reflect the toy artistry of Henry and Jane  Schlosser. The wood used in most of these toys came from discarded scraps from ammunition crates made during the war. 

Enjoy seeing these beautiful toys:



Very pretty articulated boy, two
rocking Humpty Dumptys, and
a rocking horse.

Jane Schlosser and her display of
their Bonnie Barn toys made
between 1943 and 1947.



The Bonnie Barn
Christmas collection.


Circus Wagon, ringmaster, elephant,
clown, seal, horse and rider, and lion.


A close look at the
circus performers.



Two beautiful Bonnie Barn dolls
in the circus wagon.


Story toys in a lined berry basket.



The very clever Peek-a-boo mirror.
The four girls are painted facing the
mirror. You see their faces looking
in the "water". Can you see it?


Rocking chick, rabbit, and lamb.



Mrs. Schlosser has a very
 interesting Antique toy shop. 


"Jumping Jack"

An articulated boy.
 Looks Bavarian doesn't he?


"Jumping Jill"

 Her arms 
and legs move. Very pretty.