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   All toys are sold with a money back guarantee if returned within 14 days. 
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We buy old wooden toy collections. Email Jim at Please send good photos of your collection or toy. We will usually ask for additional photos.
This page last updated Tuesday, September 03, 2013

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Gibbs Toys for Sale
This page last updated
Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Offers considered especially if for more than one  item. Prices include shipping to 48 states.

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** All Gibbs toys are sold. **

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All Gibbs Toys have been Sold

Gibbs Ads GibbsAd1911.jpg (152396 bytes) GibbsAd1914.jpg (149460 bytes) GibbsCat1912.jpg (85505 bytes)    
RG-1 Performing Jumbo ca 1922. Very good condition. Still retains original trick label. Missing original pull string. Sold IMG_0984R750.jpg (364796 bytes) IMG_0985R750.jpg (365284 bytes) IMG_0986R750.jpg (346239 bytes) IMG_0987R750.jpg (358144 bytes)  
RG-2 Gibbs Aeroplane No. 79  ca 1927-1930. This pull toy is about 10 inches long, made of wood with a metal propeller.  "G-79" stamp very weak. Wheel axle drives, via a spring, the propeller. Good condition. Decals weak. About 11 inches long
No pull string. 
IMG_0988R750.jpg (317913 bytes) IMG_0989R750.jpg (311003 bytes) IMG_0990R750.jpg (306328 bytes)    
RG-3 Gibbs Hurdle Rider #39 ca 1926. Very good condition. Missing original pull string. Sold IMG_0991R750.jpg (338862 bytes) IMG_0992R750.jpg (340760 bytes) IMG_0993R750.jpg (343413 bytes) IMG_0994R750.jpg (344699 bytes)  
RG-4 Grey Beauty Pacers ca 1908. Some loss of paper on horse lithos. Missing original string. Otherwise excellent. Sold IMG_0995R750.jpg (356545 bytes) IMG_0996R750.jpg (359527 bytes) IMG_0997R750.jpg (362083 bytes)

RG-5 U.S. Mail Cart #27. Ca 1914. Very good condition. Tiny missing areas on labels. Missing original pull string. Sold IMG_1002R750.jpg (365122 bytes) IMG_1003R750.jpg (366210 bytes) IMG_1004R750.jpg (338069 bytes)    
RG-6 Gibbs Pacing Bob #20 ca 1908. Repainted wheels. Missing original pull string. Horse litho excellent. Sold IMG_1005R750.jpg (362765 bytes) IMG_1006R750.jpg (370404 bytes) IMG_1007R750.jpg (358400 bytes)    
RG-7 Pony Circus Wagon. Ca 1910. Fair condition. Missing pull string, flags. Loss of paper litho on horses. Sold IMG_1008R750.jpg (377674 bytes) IMG_1009R750.jpg (375161 bytes) IMG_1010R750.jpg (388999 bytes)    
RG-8 Gibbs Gypsy Wagon #57 ca 1910 - 1920. Missing canvas and pull string. Sold IMG_0998R750.jpg (371357 bytes) IMG_1001R750.jpg (374176 bytes) IMG_0999R750.jpg (368343 bytes) IMG_1000R750.jpg (365627 bytes)  
RG-9 Gibbs Trick Elephant #24 ca 1911 in excellent condition. Sold IMG_1011R750.jpg (346366 bytes) IMG_1012R750.jpg (346848 bytes)