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Scarey Ann List

The following list of Scarey Anns has been compiled from many sources. If you have others in your collection, please let me know. Early Scarey Anns were hand painted and therefore exhibit considerable variation. Later Scarey Anns look like they were painted with the aid of stencils and are more uniform in design. All are about 5 inches tall with at least one exception - see photos below.

Many photos on this page are courtesy of 
Ron of antiquestoyscollectibles.

Many thanks to collector Francie Owens who reviewed this list and provided me with photos.

I buy Scarey Ann collections of any size. Contact me if you want to sell.

Name Description Click on thumbnail images to see larger
Black Farmer  Dressed in overalls. Very rare 7407_1.JPG (10371 bytes)
Black Girl Known as Picaninny. Found with red or black hair. rong330.jpg (220014 bytes) BlackAnn.jpg (34943 bytes)
Black Girl in Skirt Eyelashes. Multi-colored dress. Very rare rong344.jpg (184735 bytes)
Boy Scout Painted as a boy scout. Hat tips when lever pushed. One known BoyScoutEnhanced.jpg (125030 bytes)  
Ching Chang Chinese Man - Queue on back of head and hat moves with level action. Rare Chinaman3Front.jpg (237184 bytes) CHINA1.jpg (272125 bytes)
Chinese Man The "swinging arm" style. Head moves up and down with lever action. Very rare P1020399.JPG (46345 bytes) ChinamanHead.jpg (197133 bytes)
Chinese Girl Similar to common Anns but much smaller eyes. Rare Dscf0016.jpg (11462 bytes)
Clown No mechanism Need photo
Clown Lever operates hat and nose. Uncommon ClownAnn.jpg (172639 bytes) Clown1.jpg (117729 bytes)
Clown Similar to clown above but has thin swinging arms and thin legs. (Need a better picture picture)

One shown in Chuck Daniels collection here at right

Ducky Doodles Seen in ads but no example known Need photo  
Mule Ears and tail move -  Two examples known.
Photo courtesy of
Richard Mueller

Photo courtesy of
Steve Mayo
Elephant Unconfirmed - Trunk moves, made for Republican Party. No samples known. Need photo
Grandfather Characterized by a long, thin beard. Rare. Photo by Francie Owens Grandfather.jpg (310247 bytes)  
Grandmother Head moves up and down with lever action. Very rare. Photo by Francie Owens Grandmother.jpg (285845 bytes)
Happy Hooligan Comic figure Happy Hooligan. Very rare HappyAnn.jpg (161615 bytes)
American Indian Multi-color hair at back of head. Looks like an American Indian. rong324.jpg (136791 bytes) rong327.jpg (177653 bytes)
The St. Patrick Pipe in mouth. Hat moves. Usually has a wire Shamrock in his articulated right arm. Paddy Ann.jpg (109071 bytes) PaddyAnnHead.jpg (153532 bytes)
Pumpkin Head Halloween figure with Jack O Lantern  head.  JackOFront.jpg (238876 bytes) ScareyAnnPumpkinHeadHigh2.jpg (67197 bytes) Pumpkinman1.jpg (49893 bytes)
Policeman Known in the "swinging arm" style. Very rare P1020400.JPG (45963 bytes) PolicemanHead.jpg (162005 bytes)
Porter Black porter in red suit with cap. Known in the "swinging arm" style. One known RedCapFront.jpg (217614 bytes) RedCapHead.jpg (200198 bytes)
Professor Beard wiggles, hat moves. Rare Wood_bearedman_01.jpg (65183 bytes)
Sailor - Old Style Old style flat sailor hat, lever moves hat and nose. ScareySailor2.jpg (86829 bytes)
Sailor - Newer Style New style white sailor hat, lever moves hat and nose. The company called him Jack Tar - Uncommon rong358.jpg (194393 bytes)
Santa Claus Has white beard, red suit. rong365.jpg (203838 bytes)
Tramp On the style on left, lever operates nose and tall hat. On the right - only the head animates. 


Green-suited Hobo courtesy of
Richard Mueller

6939_1.JPG (15165 bytes)

rong303.jpg (175231 bytes)

White Face Girl  The most common Scarey Ann, flowers on dress. Great number of varieties. Most Common Scarey Ann rong100.jpg (239229 bytes) rong060.jpg (254410 bytes) rong254.jpg (208555 bytes)
White Face Girl 2 inch size. Photos courtesy of Sandy Gast. One known
White Face Girl Giant size One example known Need photo  
Witch Has witch's style hat that moves. Cat, broom, or a bat painted on dress. ScareyWitchR350.jpg (161467 bytes) Witch.jpg (79762 bytes)
Irishman Hat articulates. Only one known example. Similar to Paddy Ann.  


Photo by Jim Sneed from the collection of Joanne Cubbs

Blond Anns are uncommon.

Photo by Jim Sneed from the collection of Jim Sneed

Another Tramp. This one is in black. 
Photo courtesy of Debbie.

This Scarey Ann was made in Blue Rapids, Kansas. We have seen several boxes associated with this production site.
Photo courtesy of Gerald
The scarce Witch Scarey Ann. Lever drops nose and raises hat.
Photo courtesy of Valerie Schniepp.
We call this newly discovered Scarey Ann "Paddy Ann".
Photo courtesy of Debbie.
Giant Scarey Ann
The large size (over 7 inches tall) Ann may have been a factory prototype.
Photo courtesy of Marie Hinson
This Scarey Ann was used for business advertising.
Photos courtesy of Steve Mayo