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I especially want these Ted Toys. Please contact me if you have any of these or any other Ted Toys. Remember, if it has a peanut shaped body, it might be a Ted Toy.
Anything on these catalog pages.

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The Ted Toy Army is a kind of bowling game.  The soldiers are about 8 inches tall.
The Teddy Aeroplane is about 16 inches long and has two Teddy heads behind the wing.
The two sailor heads are in line on this Ted Toy catamaran. This toy is about 12 inches long.
The Teddy Sailboat shows two sailors - at least their heads! The sailboat is about 12 inches long.
Ted Toys called these toys "Klowns". They were made in 6 inch and giant 16 inch sizes. 
Soldier Dolls were also made in 6 inch and giant 15 inch sizes. Ted Toy-lers only made two head designs - the Klown head and the soldier head.
The Dapple horse was produced in 5 inch standard and 11 inch long giant versions.  
There are 3 sizes of racers - giant, standard, and small. The small racer has only one driver while the regular and giant racers have two. I need the giant racer. It is about 17 inches long.

There are two versions of the Teddy Acrobat - the early 3-wheeled and the later 4-wheeled shown here. In both, the klown flips as the toy is pulled.

The Teddy Hobby has an eccentric rear wheel that causes him to have a "funny motion" when pulled. Produced for several years, early versions have corded arms and solid wood legs and a solid black horse head. 
The Ted Toy-lers made an engine plus several train cars. The locomotive is about 7 inches long.


Ted Toy Parts

I need parts for Ted Toys. I will buy parts - pieces -  anything in good condition. I can also trade extra parts I have for yours.

Contact me!