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PHM-1 PE Hippo -    
PHM-2 PE Bulldog - complete and all original. These are usually missing their collar. Some wear on face but not on eyes. Very cute. Sold  
PHM-3 GE Brown Bear - open mouth ball neck style. Paint is VG overall with some chipping especially on his back. His left ear is about half gone but can be improved. Sold  
PHM-4 PE Elephant - original truck tip but replaced tail. Excellent paint.Sold    
PHM-5 GE Lion - early carved mane style. VG condition. Tail is a mess but another one could be applied or this one coiffed $480.  
PHM-6 GE Tiger - complete and all original. Some paint loss around his right eye and nose otherwise excellent. $600  
PHM-7 PE Donkey - complete and all original. Nice example. $95  
PHM-8 GE Leopard - all original except for a replaced tail. VG paint condition. $390  
PHM-9 GE Cat - carved ears. Complete and all original. Whiskers may be original but are often missing. Beautiful example of this rare piece. Great with doll displays. $2,100
PHM-10 GE Pig - complete and all original Paint is VG. Some streaks of foreign substance along his sides. Sold  
PHM-12 GE Pig - black spots version. Paint overall in fair condition and his ears have been replaced. Tail original. $140  
PHM-13 PE White Horse - excellent condition except platform has been over-painted. Otherwise complete and all original. I may have an original platform. $350