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(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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This page updated: Friday June 07, 2019

PHA-1 TPH Clown - early suit has darkened but colors still strong. Complete and all original including stringing which needs to be replaced. Great face. Sold  
PHA-2 TPH Clown - early multi colored suit is still pretty bright. All colors strong. Complete and all original including stringing which needs to be replaced. Great face. Few better examples out there. Sold  
PHA-3 Clown - TPH head but in a suit for a OPH. Hat is home made.
PHA-4 Bisque Head Ringmaster - all original except for his bowtie and the top center part of his hat and its yellow band. $240  $190    
PHA-5 Black Face Monkey - complete and all original. Some paint loss on his snoot and front teeth. Suit is nice - this is the peach colored felt material. Sold    
PHA-6 Bisque Head Lady Acrobat - complete and all original. Paint loss along legs and arms. Small chip in her hair at front (a drop of glossy black enamel paint would fix). Nice green suit. Sold    
PHA-7 White Face Monkey - the much rarer felt hat over a wood cone version. Face is still glossy. Small (about 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch fill and over-paint repair on each wrist where someone long ago filed grooves so he could hang. Does not distract at all. Otherwise, complete and all original. Very hard to find this nice. Sold

Area of paint loss at left neck

PHA-8 Bisque Head Lady Rider - Complete and all original. Her suit is bright. There is a chip in her hair above her left eye. I can replace her head with either of the heads at right. $320  $290 as she is or $380 $310 with a replaced head.  
PHA-9 TPH Clown - early multi-colored suit. Some light staining. Complete and all original. Needs restringing. $330  $290    
PHA-10 OPH Chinaman - Good condition. Jacket slightly faded. Queue probably not original. Damage to heel of right shoe. Right ear missing. Sold    
PHA-12 TPH Clown - yellow ruff, strong suit colors, complete and all original. $350  $290    
PHA-13 TPH Clown - suit faded, head touched-up. $80  $60    
PHA-14 OPH Dude - overall very good condition. Complete but with a replaced bowtie.Sold    
PHA-15 TPH Hobo - very nice face, torn shirt at belt, replaced scarf, Hat torn at back. Sold    
PHA-16 Bisque Head Gent Acrobat - complete and all original except a previous owner, long ago, filed grooves in his wrists (see pictures). Beautiful head and suit. $430 (contact me about repairing the grooves)  Sold    
PHA-17 Bisque Head Lady Acrobat - beautiful head and suit. Shoes missing par of sole. Like the gent above, she has wrist grooves. $430 (contact me about replacing her legs and repairing her wrists) Sold
PHA-18 OPH Clown - wear to head. Faded suit otherwise complete and all original. $90  $70    
PHA-19 OPH Clown - complete and all original. Some suit staining. Colors strong. Wear to head. $150  $110    
PHA-20 TPH Clown - complete and all original except for replaced ears and ruff. Nice face. Some staining to suit. Sold