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The Maine Collection

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(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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PHC-1 Reduced size tent - rare version. Introduced in 1933 and only produced for 3 years at most. 13 inches deep, 25 inches tall, and 30 inches wide. Perfect where space is not big enough for a full size tent. Missing its original American flags but has good reproduction flags. Otherwise it is complete and in excellent condition. Use it for your reduced or regular size pieces. $2,300  $1,800  
PHC-2 Tubs - red and yellow. $25 each      
PHC-3 Pedestals - $25 - $40 each      
PHC-4 Small Size Pedestals - your choice $25 each

Check availability of tubs and pedestals.

PHC-5 Accessories - whip in excellent condition SOLD; hoop very nice but bleeding from moisture over about 40% SOLD; cane for your Dude or ringmaster SOLD; table in good condition $40        
PHC-6 Tub - blue and yellow with Dresden paper band. VG condition Sold      
PHC-7 Animal Cage - Complete and all original. About 9 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter. Has both retainers that are often missing. Sold


PHC-8 Animal Cage - complete except for retainers. Same size as one above. Red paint is old but may not be factory applied. Sold      
PHC-9 Cage Wagon - 12X12X6 inches. In good, complete condition. Paint loss over bars. One marquee is original and the other a replacement. The replacement marquee has a photocopy glued over the wood. Its front axel appears to be a replacement. Sold
Original marquee



Repainted wheel
PHC-10 Chairs, ladders, and barrels - I have a large number of these accessories from this collection. Let me know what you want. Prices will be $10-20 each generally.