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J. E. Stevens

by Richard Mueller Jr.

J.E. Stevens
Cromwell, CT
1842 - 1930's
John and Elisa Stevens

Charles A. Bailey designed toys, and assigned some patents to J.E. Stevens and some to Gong Bell, so he must have been an independent inventor/designer. He designed the fish for Gong Bell, one of it's earliest toys. His toy designs feature some of the finest castings.
Not all of the pull toys by J&E Stevens were bell toys.

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j__e__3.jpg (37243 bytes)
Rocking Cradle
j__e__4.jpg (40476 bytes)
Darkey & Mule
8"L x 5.25"H x 2.75"W
Pull toy version of the "Bad Accident" bank.
Driver raises & lowers whip
j__e__5.jpg (51988 bytes)
Christopher Columbus
7.5"L x 5"H x 3.5"W
j__e__6.jpg (47123 bytes)
Landing of Columbus
j__e__7.jpg (47288 bytes)
Whoa Dar Caesar
Platform embossed with "Whoa Dar Caesar". When pulled, the mule bucks up and landing on a striker that rings the bell.
PC #1 10/01 (M) $3,00
j__e__8.jpg (25284 bytes)
Printing Blocks
j__e__9.gif (26708 bytes)
Columbus Patent No. 22,863
j__e__10.gif (59474 bytes)
Wheeled Toy Patent