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Francie's Scarey Anns

Courtesy of Francie Owens

Francie's Scarey Anns

Francie Owens lives near the original factories of the Twistums and Scarey Anns in Atascadero and Oakland.
 She has been collecting Scarey Anns for quite some time and her collection is among the best. Many of her pieces may be the only surviving example.

All photos by Francie Owens

Two Anns around the cowboy-like character.

The early Anns were hand painted. Each is unique.

An Ann with the swinging arms professor and a sailor.

More Anns and a cowboy?



Francie's first Scarey Ann

Farmer? Professor?

Pink Ann

Orange Ann

Green Ann

Cowboys or Mexicans?



Grandma and grandpa with swinging arms. The Grandma came from a lady in Atascadero who inherited it from the man she did housework for. He had worked at the factory.