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The Carolina Collection

from the collection of a prominent Humpty Dumpty circus collector

The following Humpty Dumpty circus pieces are from a long-time collector who resides in the Carolinas.  The pieces are of high quality with some very rare pieces to common ones. There is something for everyone so take a look.

This page updated Friday, February 14, 2020

Postage via insured Priority mail within the 48 contiguous states is included in price unless otherwise indicated. Will quote a final discounted price with shipping for purchase of more than one piece. I will quote shipping outside of the USA. We have customers in Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries. Money back if not satisfied.   

How to Buy
If you are interested in purchasing any item in this shop, contact Jim at: and tell me what you are interested in. 

I can take payments through:

or checks.

I will quote shipping outside of the USA to almost any country.

All pieces carry a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Schoenhut doll and circus pieces - restringing and re-springing. From $1. Will also do other, similar toys such as Cameo and Jaymar. We can do some minor repairs and touchups. Can also make or replace some missing parts. Contact me for details and quotes.

Email Jim: 

Item number

(unsold pieces are shown in green or blue)

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JSCAR-1 Two-part-head Chinese Acrobat - complete and all original except for replaced wooly queue. Slightly faded jacket. $550
JSCAR-2 Bisque head Lady Acrobat - complete and all original. Two small holes in suit at upper back. Beautiful early lady acrobat. $385  
JSCAR-3 Two-part-head green-face Clown - complete and all original. Rare face paint. May have been made for the European market. $380 Sale pending  
JSCAR-4 Two-part-head Negro Dude - early one with black jacket. This is a minstrel figure. Complete and all original. About as good as these are ever found. CA 1910. Replaced boutonniere. $630 Sold
JSCAR-5 Bisque head Lion Tamer - early ca 1910. Complete and all original. Few better if any. $550  Sale pending  
JSCAR-6 Reduced-size canvas tent - every Humpty Dumpty circus needs a tent to present the performers. Here is a good one for not much money. $490 plus shipping

24 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and about 25 inches tall


16 Flags of nations - several are missing. Side banners and American flag at top are missing but I can provide good-looking repros.

Bright colors. The trapeze and rings are present for your acrobats.

A few canvas tears in this area only - they can be closed



 Ringmaster - bisque head ca 1910-1917. Complete and all original. Only real flaw is a small hole in one jacket tail. $345

JSCAR-8 No item        
JSCAR-9 Painted eyes, transitional Leopard - rare leopard. When WWI cut off Schoenhut's glass eyes supply, they turned to painting the eyes while retaining the leather ears and head shape. After a short time, the company redesigned the head with molded ears. This one is all original. $540 Sale pending

JSMRM-10 Schoenhut's Humpty Dumpty Circus Train - set 01/100. Most of litho gone from cage wagons but otherwise in very good, complete condition. $300      
JSAGM-11 PE Bactrian Camel - pristine all original and complete condition. I have see none better. Superb. $295

JSCAR-12 PE Brown Bear - ca 1920s. Very good complete and all original condition. Cute face with big eyes. $160
JSACAR-13 GE Buffalo - the rarest style of the buffalos. This one is complete and all original. In very good, very attractive condition. Deeply carved head. $750
JSCAR-14 PE Bactrian Camel - complete and all original. A later production example. Beautiful paint. Out of a fine collection. $280  
JSCAR-15 No item        
JSCAR-16 Accessories - I have a number of accessories for your circus - both reduced and regular - many more than are shown here.  Chairs are $10-25 ea; tubs $15-40 ea; ladders $10-15 ea; balls $20- $40; goblets $6. Have more. Check with me for current inventory of tubs, pedestals, chairs, barrels, and ladders. AccessoriesChairsReducedR1200.jpg (728649 bytes) AccessoriesLadderTubsdR1200.jpg (873685 bytes)    
JSMH-17 Two Chairs and three Ladders - excellent to very good condition. $65      

TPH Clown - later style with a cloth hat over a wood cone. Complete and all original. His suit still has good colors generally and with no evidence of rotting but with some light oxidation and fading of the black colors. $190 Sale pending


Gent Acrobat with Bisque Head - very nice original suit. Paint excellent. Small scuff over his left eye. I have other bisque heads like this one. $390 Sold


Email me about the availability of any item or for more information.

JSCAR-20 Blue Wheelbarrow - rarer color than the red ones usually seem. Very good, all original condition. For your farm set or circus. $250    

Schoenhut Seesaw - very good all original condition. Piece of wood about 1/2 inch for actor slots missing at one end. 21 inches long. $210


Click on Thumbnails to see larger images


GE Donkey with Red Blanket - very good to excellent condition. Complete and all original. Some blanket felt missing. $130

JSCAR-23 Huge circus tents - would be great for a Humpty Dumpty circus background (not Schoenhut). A Big Top tent, a Menagerie tent, and a mess tent. Made by George Barlow III of Binghamton, NY ca 1930 for a miniature circus. Well built. Include 3 tent wagons. About 160 poles and about 70 benches included. POR
JSCAR-24 TPH Clown - in clubs, hearts, stars and diamonds suit. Suit colors are good. His head is very good. Complete and all original. $270  
JSCC-25 Accessories - price on request. Star ring and pedestals are sold.    
JSALN-26 Reduced size Bactrian camel - excellent, complete condition with some light chipping around face mainly. $290

JSAMS-27 GE Elephant - replaced trunk tip otherwise complete and all original. Paint is nice and glossy. $190
JSCAR-28 GE Rhino - replaced tail otherwise complete and all original. Paint is very good - a little rub on his top rear. $350
JSCAR-29 PE Polar Bear - complete and all original. From a great H-D circus collection. Beautiful golden tones over white. Few examples out there are his equal. $510
JSCAR-30 PE Giraffe - body pretty good but head has been in a fight. Head is true painted eyes and molded. original ears. Needs a home. $170  
JSCAR-31 PE Arabian Camel - a real beauty. Out of one of the finest collections. True painted eyes. All original and complete. $380 Sale pending
JSCAR-32 PE Zebu - complete and all original. A fine example from a great collection. Expressive eyes. $550
JSCAR-33 PE Buffalo - a beautiful example of this circus animal. Complete and all original. From one of the great collections. Buffalo were often used in circuses especially in wild west shows. $330
JSCAR-34 Twistum Pig - from the Twistum Circus ca 1920s. In good condition. Colors bright. Damage to back of one foot. $110

JSCAR-35 No item        
JSCAR-36 No item        
JSCAR-37 No item        
JSCAR-38 No item        
JSCAR-39 No item        

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